• Natural Cure For Receding Gums

  • Natural Cure Receding Gums

    As one ages it's natural for the gums to recede even though many people already have gum recession at a young age due to poor oral health. The teeth are protected and supported by the gums that surround the roots and when the gum pulls away from the teeth and in some instances the gum pulls so far up that some part of the root become visible and this is known as receding gums.


    When people think of mouth problems, they think of teeth cavities and other tooth issues primarily. For many, healthy gum tissue are nothing but a passing thought that is typically not concentrated upon. However, gum problems such as periodontal diseases, or even gum recession, can lead to problems that go far beyond the gums themselves. From gum recession, you can end up with a higher risk of cavities and many other issues, as well. While you may have been surprised to hear that not taking good care of your gums can be an expensive mistake, you may also be surprised to know of some of the possible causes.


    It is essential that one takes good care of your teeth from a early age as gum recession occurs mainly from harsh brushing as well as deterioration over the years. In the case of adolescent, this is probably a sign of gum disease referred to as periodontal disease and three out of five adults suffer from this disease, which in most cases does not cause any pain or discomfort. But it will cause your teeth to fall out one after the other.


    Why You Should Not Ignore Gum Disease?


    If you've a receding gum line and any of the above symptoms, you need to pay attention. Do you know gum disease is linked with stroke, heart disease, cardiovascular problems, diabetes complications, underweight or prematurely born babies, digestive disorders, and much more life-threatening conditions. The fight against gum disease is the front line to many other problems. Don't put it off!


    Dental product manufacturers have produced toothpastes for this purpose using bee propolis or aloe vera to avoid recession. These products are strongly suggested by dentists as they has been proven to reduce the decay of healthy teeth and gums.


    The signs and symptoms of receding gums are tender and red swollen gums, gums bleed when brushed, erosion, tooth pains, your bite is affected, partial dentures do not fit correctly and one's teeth start loosening.


    The major factor for this is due to periodontal bone loss which causes the gums to recede and harmful bacteria which isn't removed resides under the gums and starts to cause inflammatory conditions in the mouth. Bee propolis has been proven as very effective is lessening bone erosion as it hardens the bone density and fending off receding gums.


    A different way to stop your gums from receding is to brush your teeth softly and while brushing only use circular motions which are far milder on your teeth and also the gums. When a person has severe gum recession you could end up having very painful surgery or lose your teeth.


    Prevent It First


    The most effective way is to avoid gum recession is by brushing with a soft toothbrush, using mild-to-moderate pressure and small circular or very soft short down and up strokes. By improving your dental hygiene habits, you can help keep your smile healthy!


    Tooth pain in females can be caused hormonal changes. In the natural cycles of life, the body produces chemicals as it moves through stages of maturity. These natural chemicals may cause changes in the mouth and causes unexpected tooth pain in the maturation process. Fluctuations of increasing and decreasing hormones during periods of pregnancy, menopause, menstruation, and puberty can cause episodes of minor discomfort and pain.


    If someone frequently suffers from regular sensitive tooth pain, tooth roots may be the problem. As we enjoy daily meals, teeth can be affected by exposure to acidity, sugar or temperature. Delicate roots can create unwanted reactions when exposed to hot, cold, spicy, sweet or sour foods.



    The Following Are Some Of The Natural Cures For Gum Disease


    1. Chinacea


    2.Bayberry Root Bark


    3. Clove Oil And


    4. Tea Tree Oil


    5 Thyme Tea


    6. Cayenne Pepper.


    7. Oak Gall


    These herbs all have chemical characteristics that work to bring down inflammation and stop your gum from bleeding. They have the capacity to make the gum embrace the teeth strongly again, so that debris that form plaques find no way to build up below the gum.


    Gum disease and gum disease are one and the same disease. Gum disease exists in one of every 5 persons in the world. It is prevalent in folks who are 30 years and above. Gum disease manifest by way of gum inflammation that results in several other health conditions including loss of teeth, poisoned blood, heart attack etc.


    There are many symptoms of gum disease, but the most common one is bleeding of gums, which may happen along with sever pain. There is a dangerous type of periodontal disease that does not present pain, thus the patient may not really know that they have gum disease.


    The essence of this post is to show the nutritional routine capable of healing gum disease:


    Vitamin C rich meals are able to cure gum disease, because of its antioxidant nature. So, if you have periodontal disease be advised to consume food rich in vitamin C, if you don't your periodontal disease can progress to gingivitis. Your dentist is aware of this, problem is I am unsure if you are like most people who are afraid of their dentist.


    Perhaps you are not aware that vitamin C also has the cabability to repair damaged tissues and so repairs the ruined connecting fibers with which your gums hold your teeth. Vitamin C also aids damaged teeth to grow back to normal.


    Since Vitamin D has anti-inflammatory properties, eating vitamin D rich food will greatly relieve gum inflammation and pains. What is very interesting in curing periodontal gum disease with vitamin D is that you can collect enough vitamin D in your blood through exposure in the sun in the morning before 10 AM for between 15 - 15 minutes.


    Natural Cure Receding Gums


    Another natural cure for gum disease is folic acid, which solution can also be used as a mouth wash. Folic acid Expecting females should take folic acid according to their physician's advise. Some Doctors will not even prescribe it, because it is general seen not to have an appreciable curative effect. However, expecting ladies who use folic acid solution for washing their mouths have reported gum pain and inflammation relieve.



    Finally, it follows obviously that since the above minerals can treat periodontal or gum disease, eating food rich in them could also stop gum disease. Note also that calcium is good for curing gum disease plus, it aids the body in properly metabolizing the above minerals. Talk to your Doctor for advise on the foods that naturally have all the above minerals.


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